SNK Announces NeoGeo X Handheld System

Handheld to come pre-loaded with 20 SNK classics

I love handheld gaming. In fact, it's a safe bet to say that I like it more than console gaming, especially now--handheld gaming is the home of smart, innovative design and classically hardcore challenge. One of the best handhelds of the previous generation was the Neo-Geo Pocket Color, and after 11 years it's getting a successor, dubbed (for now) the NeoGeo X.




A factory leak was actually the first time we saw the system, but SNK officially announced it today. The system has a 3.5" LCD screen, A/V output, and SD card expansion. No US prices have been announced yet, but rumors point to the handheld costing almost as much as the original console--




--the original NeoGeo console that was $649.99 at launch. It's already confirmed for the UK at £500 (roughly $785), so it looks like all those jokes I made about the Vita and how "it only does dead last" will have to be amended.


That honestly puts my excitement on hold, even if the game comes pre-packed with 20 SNK arcade classics. One of the best things about handheld gaming is its usually excellent pricing--what do you think? Does the prospect of a new SNK handheld, home to greats like SNK vs. Capcom: Cardfighters Clash and Gals' Fighters, sound like it's worth it when it hits later this year?


UPDATE: It turns out that the "£500 price point" confirmation was in fact false. While there's still no word on what the actual price is, UK distributor Blaze assures us that the NeoGeo X will not cost that much. Thanks to MisterPercy for the tip!



via Siliconera, CVG

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