VIDEO: Trailer for "Hyouka" Mystery Anime

Three minute preview of anime that premieres next month

Know what is better than official still images? Official trailers! And it just so happened that the website for school mystery series Hyouka started streaming one. Check it out below:


"Youth is not only easy. It's not only pain."


Characters are introduced one by one starting with the "energy-saving" (read: apathetic) protagonist Houtarou Oreki, who is a first year student at Kamiyama High. Eru Chitanda has striking purple eyes and is the leader of the classics club, of which Houtarou is a member. Satoshi Fukube who carries a trademark pouch bag is another member of the club and Houtarou's friend. Mayaka Ibara is a cute girl with a sharp tongue who been an inescapable acquaintance of Houtarou's since elementary school. She's also, you may have the club!


The koten-bu goes into action April 22nd!


via ANN

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