Akihabara Nail Salon Adds "Fate/stay night" Design

Offerings based on bishounen samurai game "Hakuōki" also expanded

Last December Akihabara's Ayumino nail salon began catering to an otaku audience with licensed designs from anime and games. Nails based on Hakuōki, a historical fantasy game/anime about the Shinsengumi militia at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, have proven popular, so while they continue to expand that line, they also branched into a new license, Fate/stay night, starting in February.


Here are the newer Fate/stay night designs:


Saber (10,800 yen / about US $130)


Plain clothes Saber (9,800 yen / $118)


Rin Tōsaka (10,800 yen / $130)


Plain clothes Rin (10,500 yen / $126)



Originally, only Soji Okita and a Hajime Saito designs were available, but now the Hakuōki offering includes:


Hajime Saito (10,800 yen / $130)


Soji Okita (12,800 yen / $154)

Chizuru Yukimura (11,600 yen / $139)


Chikage Kazama (11,200 yen / $134)

Heisuke Todo (12,200 yen / $146)

Sanosuke Harada (11,600 yen / $139)

Toshizo Hijikata (10,800 yen / $130)

Memories of Falling Cherry Blossoms (10,600 yen / $127)

via Walker Plus

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