Poster of Live-Action "Himitsu no Akko-chan" Film Revealed

Fujio Akatsuka's '60s magical girl revisited

An updated, live-action version of Fujio Akatsuka's magical girl manga Himitsu no Akko-chan (Secret Akko) is coming to Japanese theaters September 1st and the poster was revealed today. Haruka Ayase (Cyborg She, The Magic Hour) plays 5th grader Akko, who can open her magical compact, say "tekumakumayakon," and transform into her 22-year-old self. Masaki Okada (Gravity Clown, Confessions) co-stars at her elite salaryman love interest. 



There were three anime adaptations of Himitsu no Akko-chan: 1969, 1988, and 1998, including some theatrical animation. The original manga was serialized in Ribbon from 1962.


In this new version, she transforms into a college student and falls in love with the first guy she sees, who happens to work for a cosmetics company with some issues. Of course she tries to help, even though all her ideas are ones a 10-year-old kid would have.


Directing is Yasuhiro Kawamura, who co-directed the Nodame Cantabile TV drama and second movie. Masatoshi Yamaguchi (known for the dramas Kabachitare! and Haken no Hinkaku) wrote the script.


As a bonus, here's the opening to the anime from 1969:



And the '88 version:



 Seems like it will be quite a bit different! 


Source: Oricon Style via Hachima Kikou 

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