VIDEO: Mario is the World's Greatest Expression of Surrealist Art

PBS' Idea Channel says what we've been thinking all along

If I describe my favorite video games to people, it's kind of inconsistent.


1- Fighters from around the world battle each other in a global tournament organized by a mysterious, messianic figure.


2- A rebellion against a tyrannical empire turns into a desperate fight for salvation and redemption--but only after the bad guys win.


3- Armed with magical mushrooms, flowers, and leaves, a plumber journeys through grasslands, deserts, tundras and oceans to rescue a princess from a fire-breathing turtle-dinosaur.


Yeah, the Mario games are kinda weird, and the real shocker is that we all just kind of accept it and move on. When we see Mario loop-de-looping around comets, transforming into a stone statue, or climbing beanstalks to find floating coins in heaven, it's all just a part of Mario's unforgettably surreal world. PBS Digital's Idea Channel ran with this idea, and has proclaimed Mario to be "the world's greatest surrealist art."

I'm inclined to agree with them. With Mario being the multi-tasker he is (such as starring in incredibly trippy cartoons and live-action segments), we can not only accept Mario doing his day job of rescuing princesses, but we can also accept him playing doctor, or racing go-karts, or locked in the throes of mortal combat with other Nintendo icons.


What do you think? Is Mario the best expression of surrealism that you can think of?




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