"Conception: Please Have My Child" PSP Opening Movie and Last Three Maidens Revealed

An animated look at child making with English vocals

The official website for Spike's bond-making, child-birthing, impurity-purifying PSP RPG Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure (roughly Conception: Please Have My Child) has updated to show off the opening movie to the game as well as introducing the last three of the 12 maidens of the zodiac in the game.


The final three maidens are, with voice samples available on the website:


Farun (Capricorn), a dancer, voiced by Kazusa Aranami (Mayuka Kondou in Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki jyaarimasen dakara ne)


Collet (Aquarius), a baker, voiced by Asami Shimoda (Ami and Mami in The [email protected])


Yuzuha (Pisces), an artist, voiced by Yukiyo Fujii


The opening movie gives an animated summary of the various elements of the game. The opening theme is "Destiny ~12kaime no Kiseki~" sung by Nano, a bilingual singer who made their name through English vocaloid arrangements and who will also be singing the opening theme to the second season of Phi Brain. The game's ending song will be sung by Marina, the singer for Angel Beats!'s Girls Dead Monster.


Watch the opening video:


The game will be released on April 26th in Japan. For more screenshots and info visit see the source links below.


Sources: Official Site, Gamer.ne.jp via 0takomu, 4gamer.net, Gamer.ne.jp (Songs)

Images via gamer.ne.jp and 4gamer.net ©Spike

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