Gust Announces New "Atelier" Videogame Project

To hit PlayStation 3 in Japan this June

Project A14 is the working title of the latest game in Gust's Atelier videogame series. They said the world, characters, and game system will be completely new. "The promise starts now" is the tagline. This girl's silhouette is just a tiny peek at what's in store:




Fans of the series may take this to imply that the previous Arland-based trilogy on PS3 (Atelier's Rorona, Totori, and Meruru) is over. The last of these to make it to North America was Totori last year, but Meruru is on its way from NIS.




Due to the event being live streamed, other sites have reported various details, including that part of the renewal of the series includes a change in illustrator, away from Meru Kishida who did the character designs on the three games mentioned above. Marina Inoue (Momoka Kibitsu in Sket Dance, Cure March in Smile PreCure!) was noted as the voice of the protagonist, and her little sister is said to be played by Mariya Ise (Killua in Hunter x Hunter, Pao-Lin in Tiger & Bunny). 


More info is expected on March 29th, but until then we do know the project is for PS3 and coming [to Japan] in June.


via Famitsu

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