Classic "Final Fantasy VI" Boss Monsters and "Mass Effect" Costumes for "FFXIII-2"

Hey, does anybody remember that other big RPG that came out in the last month or two--one that was also quite freakin' good, despite its less-than-appreciated ending? I am of course talking about Final Fantasy XIII-2, which will be getting some pretty neat stuff in the coming weeks!


Since the game's release, there's been a steady stream of DLC made available--mainly boss monsters for the game's Colosseum, chief among them original Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning and librarian-looking hottie villain Jihl Nabaht, all of whom can become party members after you defeat them.




Final Fantasy VI boss monsters Ultros and Typhon join the adventure, awaiting your challenge in the Colosseum and showing you what really happens when you tease the octopus. It's also been confirmed that the Final Fantasy/Mass Effect collaboration is pretty simple: Commander Shepard costumes for Noel and Serah. While details haven't been given yet, I'm assuming we'll get N7 armor for both of them.


I'm looking forward to kicking Ultros' teeth in again--I'm just glad he's not gonna be following me throughout XIII-2 like he did in FFVI. Some N7 armor--or really, any other Mass Effect-themed costume--would be pretty cool in a game like Final Fantasy XIII-2 with its normally-too-ridiculous costume design. What do you think? Will you be checking out this DLC?




via Siliconera

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