"Theatrhythm Final Fantasy" Marches to North America, Europe

Square Enix announces 3DS rhythm game localization for summer

A lot of people weren't sure whether or not Theatrhythm Final Fantasy—the Nintendo 3DS rhythm game we've covered extensively in the past—would make it outside of Japan. Thankfully, Square Enix knows how charming it is, and is planning to bring it to North America and Europe this summer.


In the press release, Square Enix clarifies that the title is pronounced "theater rhythm," and goes on to tout more than 70 musical scores spanning 25 years of the franchise. They also provided a link to the official international website.


Those who haven't seen the game before can check out one of the more recent trailers, which shows off Theatrhythm's DLC. Anyone looking forward to jamming and tapping along to their favorite tunes on 3DS?


Via Joystiq

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