Madman Acquires "Cardcaptor Sakura" TV Series

Returns the series to print in English speaking world

Australian anime distributor Madman has announced in their weekly newsletter that they have acquired something that will likely make many other anime fans outside Australia lust after as well: The Cardcaptor Sakura TV series. Madman will be releasing Cardcaptor Sakura on DVD in two completely uncut, subtitled boxsets starting in July.


While it is the first time on DVD for Australia, Geneon USA previously released the series in two subtitled boxsets back in 2005. However, these are long out of print and are known to go for hundreds of dollars on the second-hand markets at times. Unfortunately, an English language release of the Blu-ray set released in Japan in 2009 still appears to be out of reach for fans.


Source: Madman Newsletter via TheFandomPost

Image ©Clamp, Kodansha, NHK, NEP

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