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Go "Evangelion" Business Casual with NERV Oxford Shirt

Radio Eva's 10th Uniform NERV offering

The Radio Eva brand (motto: "Meeting new quality via Evangelion") has extended its Uniform NERV line with Oxford NERV shirts. The newly available business casual wear is available in white and ox blue and in four sizes for 8,190 yen (about $100).


Size: S, M, L, XL
Size S: 67cm Length, 50cm Width
M size: 70cm Length, 53cm Width
L Size: 73cm Length, 56cm Width
XL Size: 76cm Length, 59cm Width



If you ever wondered what it would look like for someone to actually wear this Evangelion gear, a banner with the argyle vest and shawl collar cardigan:


Uniform NERV

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