Surprise! "Shadows of the Damned 2" a Possibility

Despite abysmally low sales, Grasshopper Manufacture considers a sequel

When the final numbers for Shadows of the Damned's first month sales were in, disappointment loomed large. Despite a warm reception from gamers and reviewers, Suda51 and Shinji Mikami's wild action game only pushed 24,000 units. That's not stopping Grasshopper Manufacture from considering a sequel, though!


Eurogamer asked composer Akira Yamaoka about the likelihood of a sequel, to which Yamaoka replied, "I'm thinking of a sequel, actually… I can't tell you here, but clearly I'd like to." He was a bit more hesitant to say whether or not publisher EA would be down to return, first replying, "probably," before coming back with a more firm, "Well, yes."


As fun as the first game was, a sequel to Shadows of the Damned would definitely be a big surprise. Would you be down to jump back into action with the hilariously foul-mouthed, hot-blooded Garcia Hotspur?


Via Joystiq

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