Creator of "Akira" Reveals New Shonen Manga Serialization Plans

Katsuhiro Otomo interview plus new short published in April issue of Geijutsu Shincho

Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo revealed in a long interview with Japanese magazine Geijutsu Shincho that he's working on a new shonen manga set in the Meiji era. Besides Akira, he hasn't done a long form manga, and it's also his first shonen project.



The interview was part of a Katsuhiro Otomo feature over 60 pages long, which also included a new, full-color, science fiction short called "DJ Teck's Morning Attack" ("DJ Tech no Morning Attack"). Here's a sample image:



They were also able to visit Otomo's work space, as well as the animation studio Sunrise where he directed the anime short "Hinoyoujin." Otomo revealed that the upcoming work side-scrolls as if it were an unrolling picture scroll. Here's the image the Annecy festival is using for the promotion of their screening of the short this June:



All in all, seems like Katsuhiro Otomo is staying busy! We'll keep an eye out for further details on his shonen project.



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