Key's "Little Busters!" Visual Novel Gets TV Anime

From the developer of "Kanon" and "Clannad"

Long the subject of stories of why it hasn't been animated following Kanon and Clannad. one of the last Visual Art's/Key titles that hasn't been animated yet is finally getting a TV anime adaptation. In a commercial during the 34th episode of [email protected] for the Spring 2012 issue of Dengeki VisualArts Magazine, on sale 4/10, it was revealed that the issue focuses on "Little Busters!, which is getting a TV anime adaptation."


Developed by Key (Kanon, Clannad), Little Busters! was released as an all ages visual novel for PC back in 2007 and also for the PS2, PSP and most recently for the PS Vita earlier this week as Little Busters! Converted Edition .


Promotion video for the PS Vita Version:


Source: [email protected] via 0takomu

Note: The 34th episode has since been pulled for unknown reasons.

Image ©VisualArt's/Key

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