New "Final Fantasy XIII-2" DLC Gives us More Lightning vs. Caius

Eternal enemies get another chance at epic battle with upcoming DLC

I don't know about all of you, but one of my favorite parts of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is its insane opening, where Lightning takes on the game's main villain, Caius, in a running duel through a raging battlefield and the debris of a shattered city.


Fans of Serah and Noel's Excellent Adventure will get another chance to let Lightning brutalize Caius this coming May, as the upcoming "Requiem of the Goddess" DLC will once again feature Lightning and Caius' eternal struggle. Square-Enix has promised "a different form of battle" than what we last saw, which probably means a more traditional RPG fight instead of a crazy Asura's Wrath-style QTE slugfest.




While getting Ultros and Typhon for the Colosseum sounded pretty awesome, this is more my kind of DLC. What about you? Have you been keeping up with Final Fantasy XIII-2's extra content?





via Andriasang

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