Japanese "Ninja Scroll" Blu-ray to be Released with English Audio

Release also to include Yoshiaki Kawajiri commentary track

MGM released Toei's Shōnen Sarutobi Sasuke as Magic Boy in 1961, making it the first ninja anime to hit domestically. So, there's a good argument to be made that it's the most important pre-Naruto North American ninja release. You'd also probably get a lot of arguments for Ninja Scroll to take the top spot, so it's appropriate that the Japanese Blu-ray release is going to include the English dub.


Jūbēi Ninpūchō, aka Wind Pledged Samurai Beast, aka Ninja Scroll will be released on Japanese Blu-ray by Victor Entertainment and Flying Dog on May 23rd for 8,190yen ($98). Bonus features include a commentary track by director Yoshiaki Kawajiri and character designer Yutaka Minowa .



To promote the release, the movie will be screened at Cine Libre Ikebukuro April 14th-20, with a Kawajiri talk planned on the 14th.


via @muhootsaver_7

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