"Skullgirls" Launches April 11th on XBLA--No PSN Release Date Yet

Reverge Labs' fighter provides for both super-hardcore and casual fight fans

Y'know what Skullgirls reminds me of? The original Guilty Gear. Think about it for a sec: both of them contain strange, original casts of characters in an out-and-out weird world, in a fast, vicious fighting system that requires unerring skill and just the smallest bit of blind luck.


Fighting game fans will get their chance to join the battle for the Skull Heart in the coming weeks, as Reverge has announced that Skullgirls will be released on Xbox Live Arcade on April 11th. No word has been given on the PlayStation Network release, but it's assumed that the game will launch on PSN one day before the XBLA launch. The game will cost 1200 MS Points ($15) on XBLA, but again, no word on pricing for the PSN version (it's expected to be $14.99).




So which version will you be picking Skullgirls up for? Since I play most fighters on 360 for its smooth online, I'm definitely picking it up for that platform. Will you dig into Skullgirls' Story Mode first, or take a look at its in-depth Tutorials, designed with teaching the actual strategy of fighting games?




via Shoryuken

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