"Atelier Ayesha" Game Details Accompany Official Site Launch

The 14th "Atelier" game has some changes in store

The website of the latest installment in Gust's Atelier series opened today as promised. This development comes with some hints of the new Memory Spinning system and more story details. 



Ayesha Altugle works at a remote atelier making medicine. She used to live with her grandfather and younger sister, Nio, but since her grandfather passed away and Nio went missing, she's been all alone with the exception of her pet cow. For a while she was depressed, but with the encouragement of a longtime traveling salesperson acquaintance, she manages to carry on.




On a normal day out looking for alchemy materials, she catches a glimpse of Nio (above right) in the nearby ruins. Knowing that her sister must be out there somewhere in the world, she decides to set off on a journey to find her. Even without having any clues, just knowing she may be able to meet her again is enough inspiration.


The setting is in a period where humanity is sort of in decline; after the grandest age of alchemy mastery ended, people have nearly forgetten the art altogether. Our heroine is, of course, an exception.




This time the goal of the game is not to reach some milestone in a certain amount of time, but to meet your lost sister. For this purpose, a new system of Memory Spinning (like spinning yarn) has been introduced. Keeping a diary helps Ayesha organize her memories of and reflect on what has transpired so far. It sounds like you'll have to use the info collected there to answer questions in various circumstances.


Of course, the alchemy and battles have also been polished up. The cost turn battle system has been expanded a bit with a new parameter where your proximity to the enemy changes the cost of your action. Meanwhile, the alchemy system streamlined the cost of the preliminary steps of testing and choosing materials to make it more fun.



In addition to the standard edition, there will be a premium box; both are slated for a June 28th release in Japan. The soundtrack CD and vocal collection album go on sale the day before. If you missed the first screenshots, check them out here!


via 4Gamer

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