VIDEO: The Idol Poster That Kisses Back

But when will it hug?

A research group at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus has developed a solution for all the peeps out there who want a little more interactivity from their idol posters. Called "Pochuter," this "kissing poster" is really a screen equipped with motion sensors. Watch what happens as this fellow leans in:


"Well I really like idols—I'm an idol otaku—and I have a poster up in my room. And that poster, well, it's just there. I really hated that the 'screen' didn't move. I thought it would be interactive and fun if instead of that, it would move according to your movements, so I developed this."


They're interested in the idea of developing a film (presumably to apply to the screen) to give the impression that her hair smells like lemon shampoo, and also adding a speaker so she can whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 


Obviously there are advertising implications for this kind of technology, but would you rather meet this lady in the street or on your own wall?


Source: ggsoku via Hachima Kikou 

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