Photos: Akihabara Power Rangers' Super Car "Machine Itashar"

Decorated with the anime bishoujo girl in the show

Hikōnin Sentai AkibaRanger (Unofficial Task Force Akihabara Rangers) is a self-parody show of Toei's long-running Super Sentai series. It was premiered at Bandai's new products show "Tamashii Feature's vol. 3" in Bellesalle Akihabara on March 31 and April 1. The event featured AkibaRanger's super car "Machine Itashar" at the entrance, which can transform into the Itashar Robo (in the show). As the name indicates, Machine Itashar is a decorated car with decals of the bishoujo girl named Aoi from the popular anime series in the AkibaRanger's world, Nijiyome Gakuen Z-Cune Aoi. Do you wanna ride?


*these photos were taken with the organizer's permission.


The entrance of "Tamashii Feature's vol. 3"




The flyers


AkibaRangers stickers (free gift for the visitors)


© Toei AG/Toei

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