Fresh Screens, Details Appear for Square Enix's "Crystal Conquest"

Browser-based Flash action game includes classic summons and more

Square Enix's Crystal Conquest is a browser-based Flash action game due out this summer, and Japanese gaming site 4gamer has a bunch of new details, as well as some hi-res screens showing off how the side-scroller plays.



Players control their character with the mouse, moving them between two side-scrolling planes through battlefields that are split into at least six areas each. Characters can be chosen from various classes, including Warrior, Priest, Sorcerer, and Scout.



Different facilities can be placed around the battlefield, including Arrow Towers, Crystals, and Summon Facilities. Your objective is to destroy your enemy's home base within the time limit. The field also includes a home base, as well as Home Point forts your character can return to if defeated. The special forts can also replenish HP as long as they're not currently under attack.


As for those summons? Crystal Conquest has some classics in the mix, like Odin, Titan, and Diablos. Summons can be cast by using a Summon Egg and 100 "Shards." 



This info all comes from 4Gamer's early impressions of the game. Does it sound like something you'd want to play?


Via Andriasang

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