VIDEO: Live-Action Promo for Vita Rhythm Game "Orgarhythm"

Clip shows a bit of in-game footage from Acquire's genre-blender

Orgarhythm is a unique rhythm game from Acquire and Tak Hirai, lead programmer on Shenmue and Space Channel 5 Part 2. The following promo is mostly live-action footage, but you can catch snippets of in-game action in there, as well, so give it a look! 



Orgarhythm puts players in the role of a god who commands different tribes. Beats are added to the background music as you send them into battle, shaping the soundscape. According to the teaser site, Xseed shares the copyright with Japanese publisher Acquire, so a western release could be on the horizon after Orgarhythm hits Japan this summer.


Via Siliconera

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