VIDEO: Playing Hatsune Miku Song "PoPiPo" on Push-Button Phone

Also plays wowaka's popular song "Uraomote Lovers"

"Po Pi Po" is one of the earliest Vocaloid hit songs. The vegetable juice-themed Hatsune Miku song was produced by Lamaze-P in December 2008 and often performed at the Miku's real live stages. A Japanese named Regza, who also self-proclaimed as "Telephonist", posted a playing video of the song on a push-bottom phone. The video has been already viewed more than 500,000 times at Nico Nico Douga in two weeks. Supported by the popularity, the Telephonist has also posted his videos featuring other popular Vocaloid songs "*Hello, Planet。" and "Uraomote Lovers". Do you want to try it on your phone?


"Po Pi Po" by Regza the Telephonist


Original "Po Pi Po"


"Uraomote Lovers" by Regza the Telephonist

Original "Uraomote Lovers"


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku

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