"Killer Is Dead" Game Concept Art Revealed

Next game in Kadokawa Games/Grasshopper partnership also planned for worldwide release

Following up on last night's story revealing the first details on Suda51's next game, perennial standby Famitsu managed to score the first shots of the game's concept art, which showcases a much more futuristic aesthetic compared to anything the Killer7 mastermind has done before.


Killer is Dead Concept 1

Killer is Dead Concept 2


As can be seen from both images, this game is shaping up to be a completely different experience than anything Grasshopper Manufacture has released in its lineup, giving off a Blade Runner meets Tekwar vibe more than anything from No More Heroes or Lollipop Chainsaw. Along with that, the CEO for Kadokawa Games also confirmed that the game will be getting an international release in the vein of the aforementioned Lollipop Chainsaw, but declined to go into further specifics when he made the comments on Famitsu's own article for the game.


Now that we have at least a rough idea of what the game is going to look like, anyone have an opinion one way or the other?


via Famitsu

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