"Way of the Samurai 4" Slashes Its Way to North America

XSEED Games plans the Feudal Japan actioner for summer 2012

XSEED Games' latest announcement is the action-adventure Way of the Samurai 4, which it will be bringing to PlayStation 3 in North America this summer as a PlayStation Store digital download. Developed by Acquire (Tenchu, Shinobido), Way of the Samurai 4 was originally released in Japan last March.


Way of the Samurai 4 opens in mid-19th century Japan, with the borders having just recently been opened to the world beyond. Players take on the role of a masterless samurai looking to make a name for himself, and are able to customize their own character. Mission choice and exploration are key thanks to a power struggle between multiple factions, and the path you choose can lead toward multiple endings. 


The latest in the Way of the Samurai series also has an online component that lets you upload and download custom characters and roam around in other players' games as an assassin. XSEED is keeping the original Japanese voices intact with English subtitles. 


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