Vocaloid Aoki Lapis Countdown Illustration Contest Winners Announced

And three demo song clips by Lapis

As reported, i-style project, a collaboration project for Vocaloid 3 character Aoki Lapis by the animation Studio DEEN and the anime/manga/game-oriented portal site Surfersparadise, has been holding three illustration contests featuring her sine last December. Following the first contest "Kisekae (dress-up)" in January and the second contest "Illustration" in March, the winners for the third and final contest "Countdown" to celebrate the release of the software in Japan on April 6 have been introduced at the official site. Which is the No.1 Lapis illustration for you this time? And how do you like her songs?


Product photo


"Two days before the release" winners

by Nayuta Inagi


by Michio


by Suimii


by Arukke


by Cross


by Yumemi


"One day before the release" winners

by mitsubachika


by Hakkaame


by Timity


by Menoko


by yukimiya*


Demo song "AO~Itsudatte Sugu Sobani (Always Beside You)"


"Think the Future"

"Hana to Yume (Flower and Dream)"


Source: Hatsune Miku News


© i-style project

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