"Final Fantasy XIII-2" Cast Hits the Runway for Men's Fashion Magazine

Noel, Hope, and more get dressed up for a classy promo campaign

Sorry, Final Fantasy fans--Tetsuya Nomura can't design clothes to save his life. Maybe that's why it was so refreshing to see this promo shoot for Japanese men's fashion magazine Arena Homme+, featuring the cast of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in something other than the goofy threads they're usually in.


Hope Estheim, Sazh Katzroy, and Noel Kreiss are unexpected joined by Claire "Lightning" Farron to show off Prada's 2012 Spring Men's Collection in a 12-page feature for the April 12 issue. What? Lightning is twice as manly as any male Final Fantasy lead, so expect Tidus and Vaan decked out in Prada's Summer Women's Collection.







Now, I wear a shirt and tie to work every day, so I'm pretty conscious of how you're supposed to dress, so believe me when I say... damn, Hope. Somebody get him a new shirt.


I dunno, what do you think? With Square-Enix doing all sorts of marketing for Final Fantasy XIII-2, is this new promo crossover just too much? Or is it a pretty cool step forward for the franchise? Would more be a bad thing?




via Andriasang

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