VIDEO: Konami Parody Dubs "Star Wars" For Social Game Card Commercial

A demonstration of how to annoy Jedi Council or Death Star strategy conference

Earlier this year, Konami teamed with social gaming network GREE to offer a Star Wars based card game. In time for last month's iOS launch, the game company ran with a series of goofy parody dub/edits of scenes from the two trilogies.


The unfamiliar faces are mixed martial artist Bobby Ologun and gaijin tarento Dave Spector.



From Konami's description of the game

STAR WARS COLLECTION is a card game that will have players collecting a rich assortment of characters and vehicles, undertaking missions as they travel from planet to planet throughout the Star Wars universe. The game seamlessly captures the signature Star Wars atmosphere as portrayed in the six films, and will feature Darth Vader, Yoda, R2-D2, and many more characters from the series via stunning photos. There are also plans to feature periodic events based on the original films’ storylines.


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