Coca-Cola Hatsune Miku Illustration Contest Winners Announced

The winners get gift coupon for a year's supply of Coca-Cola

Crypton Future Media's website Piapro announced the winners of the costume design contest for their Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku in the image of Coca-Cola yesterday. The first winner's image will be used for posters and other materials of the Coca-Cola campaign that will start in the middle of June at the Sega's amusement arcades.


The contest was held from February 23 to March 12. The costume illustration must feature the Coca-Cola imaged Hatsune Miku, but using the actual Coca-Cola logos is prohibited. Congratulations, winners! Which is your favorite Cola-Miku?


1st winner

"Syuwa Syuwa" by Hina

2nd winners

"Miku ga Ippai (So many Miku)" by Chikuwa

"red style" by La-na

"coca cola style" by Natsu

"Maximum" by U7

*the article writer's favorites

"(non title)" by Icoleader

"Oto no Hajime (The beginning of the sound)" by Riwa

"Sparkling" by 7:24

"Dopamine" by Haku

Source: Hatsune Miku News

© Crypton Future Media

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