Namco Bandai Outs Info for "Eureka 7 AO" and "Lagrange" PS3 Hybrid Discs

Namco Bandai to release next PS3 Hybrid Discs beginning in Summer with Lagrange

Following the announcement of the Macross 30th Anniversay boxset for the Do You Remember Love film, Namco Bandai has confirmed its next PS3 Hybrid Discs, this time focusing on current anime in Eureka 7 AO and Rinne no Lagrange. To do that, the company has opened the first of two dedicated pages for the discs, which will include an unspecified game type and an unspecified OVA episode for each series.


Lagrange Hybrid Disc page


The first of the Hybrid Discs in Rinne no Lagrange: Kamogawa Days will be released on June 23rd in Japan, while more specific information on the Hybrid Disc for Eureka 7 AO has yet to be confirmed, as its webpage has yet to be officially opened by Namco Bandai. With Bandai moving to the Hybrid Disc model in order to better sell both anime and video games as well as attempt to cut down on piracy, the recent adoption of the format for current anime signals that the model is experiencing some level of domestic success.


Closer to home, Bandai Namco made its first attempt to push the Hybrid Disc format with the Tekken 3D: Blood Vengance film which was bundled with the Tekken Tag HD remaster and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 demo which was released as Tekken Hybrid for the Playstation 3.  


Anyone brave enough out there to attempt importing a Hybrid Disc, or are you holding out for a more conventional release?


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