VIDEO: Olan Rogers' "Mega Man X" Fan Film

Virtual battle between Protoman and X pulls no punches

I promise I'm not gonna go off on another tirade about how great Mega Man X is here, but no kidding, I'm a huge Mega Man fanatic. In what's probably the first fan film I've seen to take place in the X storyline, Olan Rogers gives us a glimpse into X's hundred years of hibernation, where countless morality checks were run to ensure that X wouldn't enter society as a homicidal maniac.

Okay, so the costumes weren't perfect, but that's a very small complaint as the action was solid and the guy playing Dr. Light did pretty well. Personally, I'd love to see more Mega Man X from Olan Rogers--maybe another action scene, but this time with Zero and Sigma. What do you think?




via Destructoid

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