"Little Busters!" Anime Adaptation to Be Produced by J.C. Staff

Long-awaited anime adaptation of PC game expected by fans to be animated by Kyoto Animation, Visual Arts president and Key ask for fan support.

In a case of wishful thinking by fans and making connections where there were none, the latest edition of Japan's Dengeki Visual Arts magazine has confirmed previous rumors that J.C Staff would animate the long awaited anime adaptation of Little Busters!, and this fact has upset longtime fans enough that both the President of game developer Visual Arts Baba Takahiro and the official Key Twitter account have asked fans to support J.C. Staff in the endeavor.


Takahiro was convinced by both J.C. Staff's and WB Japan's enthusiasm to produce the adaptation enough to give them the rights to produce it and is actively assuring fans that the animation studio will do its best to adapt the game. Yoshiki Yamakawa will be the series director and Haruko Iizuka will handle character design. 


Little Busters JC Staff confirmation


The Key Twitter account continued by stating that in order to best adapt the game into an animated series, certain key events would be presented out of the game's chronological order and that the series would have a higher than average episode count, but be shortened significantly in order to best present the story in an animated form.


Ostensibly, this has upset many fans of the game that had expected Kyoto Animation to animate the long-expected adaptation, as the studio has animated previous adaptations of Visual Arts games, particularly those from the Key sublabel such as Kanon and Clannad.


The desire for a Little Busters animated adaptation has been one of the biggest demands of both the Japanese and Western fanbases as long as Visual Arts games began to be adapted in the middle of the 2000's, with many ascribing the series of Kyoto Animation's adaptations of Visual Arts/Key games as proof that both companies would work together on the near mythical Little Busters! adaptation.


Now that the studio has been confirmed, is anyone here willing to cut J.C. Staff some slack, or are fans right in being disappointed that Little Busters! will not be handled by Kyoto Animation?


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