"Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack!" Headed to PSP

New action game features Wild Tiger and Barnaby in a retelling of the anime's story

Tiger & Bunny has merchandise of all stripes--from kickass action figures to hilarious mousepads to very unappetizing-looking food, T&B fans can geek out over every kind of merch under the sun... except for video games.


That all changes with Namco Bandai's upcoming Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack! for PSP, which will let players step into the clumsy, Hundred-Power boots of Wild Tiger, with Barnaby Brooks, Jr. riding shotgun as an NPC. The game will follow the storyline of the anime, and feature beautiful anime cutscenes between gameplay segments. No other details have been released yet--all we know is that the action game will be released for the PSP this coming Fall.


Tiger & Bunny was easily one of my favorite titles of 2011, so I'd be willing to give this game a spin. It's no Batman: Arkham City, but it'll be worth it just to smash Tiger's fist into somebody during GOOD LUCK MODE. What about you? Would you be interested in trying out Tiger & Bunny for the PSP?




via Siliconera

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