"PreCure" is Most Tweeted Anime Word for 2 Consecutive Months

Smile PreCure still retains its popularity

The Japanese communications service provider NEC BIGLOBE reported their monthly research for the major topics in the Japanese Twitter on April 6. Following the last month, "PreCure" was the #10 most Tweeted and #1 hashtagged word in Japan from March 1 to April 1. Each were the highest positions for anime/manga related words in March. There is no doubt that the extreme popularity of the newest TV series Smile PreCure! has been very strong in the Japanese Twitter community. 


Most Tweeted word ranking:

1. "earthquake"

2. "train"

3. "karaoke"

4. "graduation"

5. "holiday"

6. "graduation ceremony"

7. "Rola" (Bangladesh-born fashion model)

8. "ipad"

9. "silent player"

10. "PreCure"


Most hastagged ranking:

1. #precure

2. #nowplaying

3. #nitiasa

4. #nicovideo

5. #agqr

6. #inuboku

7. #amagamiss

8. #ladygo

9. #g_age

10. #sht


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Source: NEC BIGLOBE's press release

© ABC/Toei Animation

© Futago Uekita/Kodansha



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