King Piccolo/Dr. Wily Voice Actor Takeshi Aono Passes Away

Veteran voice actor started in the early years of televised anime

Voice actress Eiko Yamada (Dragon Ball's Mai) has revealed on Twitter that veteran voice actor Takeshi Aono has passed away.


Aono was involved in the early years of TV anime, with roles in series such as the adaptation of Shotaro Ishinomori's period mystery Sabu to Ichi Torimono Hikae. In the '70s he voiced Space Battleship Yamato's Shiro Sanada and Hurricane Polymar's Joe Kuruma.


His most internationally known roles include Dragon Ball's King Piccolo and, going into Dragon Ball Z, Kami, as well as Mega Man foe Dr. Wily and early appearances of One Piece's Mihawk. The Twitter account of Suda51's Snatcher prequel, Sdatcher, also noted that, as Aono was the voice of Metal Gear Solid's Colonel Campbell, "Kojima says there will be no more appearances by Colonel Campbell in MGS."



via Yaraon

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