VIDEO: "Blood" Character Designer Draws CM for Game/CG School

With a new song "Warriors" by Kyosuke Himuro

Katsuya Terada, whose alias is "Rakugaking" (graffiti king) , is probably most famous for his character design works for the anime film Blood: The Last Vampire in 2000. He has also worked on design works for many video games such as; Virtua Fighter 2, Jake Hunter, Battle K-Road, and BUSIN Wizardry Alternative.


He recently created a short CM movie for HAL College of Technology & Design, a Japanese institution focusing mainly on the development of high technology games and 3DCG. The drawing hand in the movie is actually Terada's. A new song "Warriors" is composed and performed by Kyosuke Himuro (ex-Boøwy) for this CM. Now, do you want to learn at this school?


HAL CM in 2012


HAL CM in 2011 (not by Terada)


HAL CM in 2009


Source: Natalie



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