VIDEO: Cave Bullet Hell Shooter "Akai Katana" Announcement Trailer

Lots and lots and lots and lots of bullets... and some bishoujo

Gamers today have it so easy when it comes to playing the newest titles. See, back in my day, we had to walk through the driving rain, fight the neighborhood bully on the way to the arcade, and spend our hard-earned paper route money on each game for the joy of getting eviscerated by the CPU. For better stories, ask Joseph Luster about how they had to take horse-drawn carriages to ye amusement arcade.


For those of you who miss that feeling (or those of you who have never had that feeling to begin with), there's still hope: Cave and its ruthless danmaku (otherwise known as Bullet Hell) shoot 'em ups. The latest of Cave's games to make it stateside will be Japanese arcade favorite Akai Katana, brought to us by Rising Star Games, a UK publisher of niche Japanese titles. Check out this insane trailer for Akai Katana:

I honestly miss the days when a shoot 'em up was about a grizzled pilot taking on an entire army, and not a half-hearted dating sim about some dork and his harem taking on that same army. In any case, the game looks like wicked fun, and will naturally provide Cave's inventive twists on top-down shooters.


What about you? Does Akai Katana make you long for the days of blowing through rolls of quarters in the arcade, or is it just too dated for you?




via IGN

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