"Gears of War: Exile" and "Bulletstorm" Sequel No Longer in the Works from Epic

However, a mysterious PC-only project IS being put together

Bulletstorm was an underappreciated gem--it was a shooter that not only provided a goofy, fast-paced ride, but rewarded excellent aim and creative sadism. In a sea of samey military shooters, Bulletstorm told gamers "you can do better," even if it was a poor man's Serious Sam.


At PAX East, Epic Games president Mike Capps stated that Bulletstorm would not be receiving a sequel--despite strong reviews from critics, the game did not sell as well as expected on consoles, and that piracy affected sales numbers of Bulletstorm's PC port.




Also canned: Gears of War: Exile, an on-rails Kinect shooter. One can only imagine what chainsawing a Locust would be like when you're just gesturing with your hands. Gears designer Cliff Blezinski (aka CliffyB) quickly explained the situation, not offering any details: "Let's just bury the hatchet now. Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can't give any details about that has since been cancelled."




It's not all doom and gloom and cancellations over at Epic, though, as the company is currently working on "a PC-only title." That is literally all we know about the game. It's being developed for PC, and that current plans are to keep the game PC-exclusive. As someone who spent lunch breaks during his senior year of high school in the physics lab playing Unreal Tournament (the physics teacher/wrestling coach was pretty awesome), count me in for whatever this is--even if I'll need to buy a new graphics card.


While I'm sad that Bulletstorm won't be getting a sequel, this new PC project gives me plenty of hope. Epic knows multiplayer and developing fast, fun shooters, so I'm game. What about you?





via IGN, Gamespot, Joystiq

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