"Dragon Ball Z" Kinect Game Charges Up This October

Motion-controlled mayhem officially headed to Xbox 360

We will come to know two time periods: Before Dragon Ball Z Kinect, and After Dragon Ball Z Kinect. Before DBZ Kinect, powering up in front of a camera looked like this. As for after? We'll find out when the motion-controlled title hits Xbox 360 this October.


Following early hints from a Korean rating board, Namco Bandai officially announced the Spike Chunsoft-developed game at a Las Vegas press event. Dragon Ball Z on Kinect will include over 50 characters—including an entirely new contender—with over 100 moves that players will be able to execute via DBZ-style gestures. The first-person brawler includes both a Story Mode and Score Attack mode, as well as new anime footage making its debut in the US and Europe.


Dragon Ball Z will also support QR code functionality. Players can hold up special QR codes in front of the camera to unlock characters and power-ups. Anyone looking forward to screaming in front of their Kinect this October?


Namco Bandai's press release

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