VIDEO: Preview "Conception: Please Deliver My Child" In Action

Save the world by bonding and having children with 12 maidens

Seeing is believing. And, if you were incredulous when you heard about Conception: Please Deliver My Child, a game in which you have to save an alternate universe from impurity by mating with 12 Maidens of the Zodiac and bonding with the offspring, you now have a chance to see the marvel in action.



The game, which is due in to hit Japan in November, features notable voice actresses in the roles of the Zodiac Maidens.

Alie (Aries), a nun, voiced by Aya Endou (Miyuki in Lucky Star)


Tarua (Taurus), a postwoman, voiced by Momoko Oohara (Miyashita in Mitsudomoe)


Liris and Lirie (Gemini), two personalities of a fortune teller, voiced by Kana Asumi (Popura in Working!)

Ruka (Cancer), an orphanage assistant, voiced by Makiko Oomoto (Kirby from the Kirby video game series)


Femiruna (Leo), an extremely rich only daughter, voiced by Saki Fujita (Ayano in Yuruyuri)


Mahiru Konatsuki (Virgo), a childhood friend, voiced by Emiri Katou (Mayoi Hachikuji in Bakemonogatari)


Mirei (Libra), a royal court magician, voiced by Sanae Kobayashi (Namie Yagiri in Durarara!)


Reone (Scorpio), a royal court doctor, voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi (Nico Robin in One Piece)



Sue (Sagittarius), an animal caretaker, voiced by Eri Kitamura (Sayaka in Madoka Magica)

Farun (Capricorn), a dancer, voiced by Kazusa Aranami (Mayuka Kondou in Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki jyaarimasen dakara ne)


Collet (Aquarius), a baker, voiced by Asami Shimoda (Ami and Mami in The [email protected])


Yuzuha (Pisces), an artist, voiced by Yukiyo Fujii

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