JManga Debuts "Apartments of Calle Feliz" and "Kirara"

Two new volumes of "Girlfriends" also added

In this week's Thursday update, digital manga portal JManga has added an eclectic selection of new manga. There's the debuts of prominent erotic manga artist Yui Toshiki's Kirara and distinctive yaoi (and often centaur) author est em's Apartments of Calle Feliz. Two new volumes of Girlfriends have also been added.


To celebrate the conclusion of Girlfriends, JManga has posted an interview with author Milk Morinaga, and, between April 12th and April 18th, will be offering 50% back on the purchase of volume 4 or 5.


Created by Milk Morinaga

Story Mari Kumakura is a plain and studious girl whose only redeeming feature is her grades. She is shy, preferring the company of books to people - until the day that Akko Oohashi, the glamourous class idol, decides to befriend her. At first, Mari is very suspicious of her true intentions, but as the two spend more time together, they become fast friends, with Akko transforming Mari into one of the cutest girls in the school and helping her break out of her shell. But...why is she feeling so jealous of the thought of Akko gaining a boyfriend? Why does she blush a lot in Akko's presence, with her best friend's touch making her heart race? Could...could she be falling in love with her best friend?!

Created by Milk Morinaga

Created by Yui Toshiki

Let’s begin the love story that is only one in the world!! But you need a special skill for that, and yes, it is to love yourself! So the love story is only about Kirara and you. Let’s continue thinking more about Kirara and her man. You can feel sexy sometimes! Then let’s celebrate with Kirara. Do you hear the sound of wedding bells? She finally met the most important man in the whole world. Maybe you can change. Yes, you can fall in love.

Apartments of Calle Feliz
Created by EST EM

When his love found a new man, Luca found himself in need of a new place to live. He spotted a room for rent flyer that lead to a bold offer from the landlord. The landlord, and now roommate, Javi guides Luca while composing a story for a novel. After observing the neighbors living in their apartment on the end of Calle Feliz, Luca writes a brand new story, committed to finding a happy end for each person there. This is the story of how Luca, Javi and all their neighbors eventually find their own happy ending.

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