First "Manga University" Planned in Osaka Next Year

Where you can learn professional manga skills academically

On April 13 Japan's Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister Hirofumi Hirano consulted with the council for University Establishment and Educational Institutions about approval of establishing five new public and private universities which were planned to be opened in 2013. The answer will be submitted in the end of October. No doubt, the most important university among them for us is "Osaka University of Manga Arts & Design".


The university is focusing on development of human resources which can work in the field of manga/comic art globally. Kyoto Seika University is well-known for its manga course which was established in 2006. But Osaka University of Manga Art & Design will be the first Japanese university which has "manga" in its school name, if approved. The private university is scheduled to be opened in April 2013 at Nanko (south-port) in Osaka-city. The full quota of their "Digital Manga/Digital

Comic Art" department is 90.  


I believe and hope they will welcome exchange students from other counties who really want to learn

how to be professional manga artists academically. Do you want to learn in the manga university?



Contact information:

"Osaka University of Manga Arts & Design"

Address: 1-10-12 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, JAPAN

Phone: 06-6376-2100


Source: Sponichi

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