"Itasha" Formula Cars to Compete in the 2012 Formula NIPPON Race

18-years-old "bishoujo" race queen

As well known, the Super GT series in Japan has featured many "Itasha" race cars for the GT300 class. Following the success, a Formula NIPPON racing team "Project μ / cerumo・INGING" decorates its Formular cars with a bishoujo character named "Miu Yamaguchi" this year. Formula NIPPON is the highest class of single seater auto racing in Japan. The two cars drove by Kohei Hirate and Yuji Kunimoto will debut in the first round of the Formula Nippon series at Suzuka circuit on April 14 (qualifying) and 15 (race). Will Itasha be the big trend in Formula NIPPON, too?




© Project μ / cerumo・INGING

© Project μ / cerumo・INGING

©Takeshi Ogasawara

© Takeshi Ogasawara


Source: MyNavi, AUTO SPORT WEB

© Project μ / cerumo・INGING

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