AnimEigo Schedules "Lone Wolf and Cub" Movie Blu-rays

"Daigoro, we are going to high-def!"

So far, AnimEigo has only released the heavily localized Shogun Assassin version of the movies based on samurai revenge epic manga classic Lone Wolf and Cub on Blu-ray. In response to queries about Blu-ray editions of the original Japanese versions of the movie series, AnimEigo president Robert Woodhead answered, "We are working on it and [9/25/12] is our target date. Not sure if we’re going to make it." 


Woodhead also said


We took the HD transfers and temporally noise-reduced them (4 days processing per movie!) and now I’m revising the subtitles for HD — the higher resolution and ability to anti-alias and blend subtitles provides new options we want to take advantage of.

The six movies are expected to go for $99.99


The Shogun Assasin box set sells for $69.99



From AnimEigo's listing

Once a noble samurai, he is now the most feared assassin in Japan, known as Lone Wolf. Along with his young son and a heavily-armed baby cart, Ogami Itto travels the back roads of feudal Japan in search of vengeance.

This blu-ray collector's set contains the complete series that brought new life to blood-drenched death. From the explosive first film that became a cult-classic, to the snow-capped finale, there is never a dull moment for this loving father and son, the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter!

  • Remastered in brilliant 1080p.
  • Exclusive interview with Samuel L. Jackson.
  • New commentary by Producer David Weisman, Illustrator Jim Evans, and Gibran Evans, who provided the epic voice narration of Daigoro!
  • Audio commentary by Film Scholar Ric Meyers and Martial Arts Expert Steve Watson.


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