Asteroid Named After Manga Artist Moyoco Anno

Asteroid "Moyocoanno" joins "Hideakianno," named for manga author's husband

Moyoco Anno is the highly respected manga author of early North American josei release Happy Mania, shoujo gem Sugar Sugar Rune, and upcoming Vertical release Sakuran. Now she's the namesake of the asteroid formally known as "2006 US217."


The 5-kilometer asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, which makes a 5.49 Earth year orbit around the sun, was discovered by Yasuhide Fujita at the Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory. Another asteroid was previously named after Fujita's friend, and Moyoco Anno's husband, Hideaki Anno - of Evangelion fame.


"Moyocoanno" is the first asteroid named for a female manga author.


via Comic Natalie

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