Even More Fashionable "Final Fantasy XIII-2" Heroes From Prada

Sorry folks, Noel still looks like a total dudebro

Y'know what really surprised me? How much people liked (or disliked, as the case may be) the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Prada 2012 Spring Men's Collection shoot in Japanese men's fashion magazine Arena Homme+.


Well, there's even more to go around now--Sazh, Hope, and Noel are joined by people-person pugilist Snow Villiers in even more stylish Prada menswear. Sadly, there's no Lightning this time around, but a woman can only take so many comments about how manly she is.








I'm honestly hoping that these become actual DLC in the future. I wouldn't mind having a Final Fantasy game where everybody's dressed in, well... actual clothes, for starters. Even better: a similar shoot with menswear from Giorgio Armani.


What do you think? Has this gone too far? Or did it go too far last time, and now we're in some kind of unexplored "jump the shark" dark space? Or is it kind of cool to see a different take on the normally outlandish Final Fantasy character designs?




via Andriasang

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