VIDEO: Studio 4°C and Katsuhiro Otomo Produce Bottled Water Ad

Akira creator works with frequent collaborator on Volvic commercial

Studio 4°C (the new Thundercats, Tekkon Kinkreet) have produced a Japanese bottled water ad for Volvic, with Hidekazu Ohara directing and the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) providing character designs.


Hidekazu Ohara was animation director and character designer for the anime version of Otomo's SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers, and for Otomo's Cannon Fodder segment of the Memories anthology. Studio 4°C contributed to the production of Otomo's anime film Steam Boy.




Otomo is known as a bit of a cycling enthusiast. In this short, he races Metropolis collaborator Rintaro.


via Catsuka

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