More Classic Tunes Lined Up for "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy" DLC

This week's downloads include songs from FFI, V, X, and XII

Previously this would have been a Japan-only post of yearning, but now that we know when Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is coming stateside, we can look forward to its DLC without a hint of overseas envy. This week Japan is getting some more classic themes for the rhythm game, ranging from the original Final Fantasy to tunes from Final Fantasy XII. Check out a sampling of the songs below.


Final Fantasy - "Forgotten Temple of the Deep"


Final Fantasy V - "Battle 1"


Final Fantasy X - "Movement in Green"


Final Fantasy XII - "Shitou"


The DLC hits Japan on April 18. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy hits Nintendo 3DS in North America on July 3.


Via Andriasang

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