VIDEO: "Burn Fat with Me" App Combines Fitness with Dating Sim

Do crunches to raise attractiveness and win affection of childhood friend

Developer Creative Freaks describe their iOS/Android app Burn Fat with Me as a combination "Gal Game and Health Care & Fitness App." In it, your childhood friend tells you that she's worried about your weight. So, you increase your attractiveness, win her affection, and unlock your story event, dieting and exercising along with your game character.


Features include guiding you through a daily routine of crunches, during which your virtual friend appears on the screen in her gym clothes and holds down your legs as she counts your repetitions and cheers you on with fully-voiced words of encouragement.



New characters, including a strong willed, older track athlete and a timid blonde from the gymnastics club, are also in various stages of development.


The iOS version of the game hit Japan in December for 170 yen ($2.10), while the Google Play version is coming out this month for 350 yen ($4.40).

Creative freaks have an English site for the App.


via Rocket News 24

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