"Pokémon Tretta" Catches 'Em All in Arcades

Amusement machine lets you search for Pokémon and do battle

It may not be the same as actually walking through tall grass and collecting bizarre creatures, but Pokémon Tretta has been revealed as an arcade amusement machine that lets players search for Pokémon and engage in 3-on-3 battles. The cabinets hit Japanese arcades in July.



As one would expect, it all centers on actual collecting that probably gets brutally addictive (and expensive). Created by Marvelous AQL, Pokémon Tretta kicks off with a search mode after players pop in ¥100, scanning grass, wetlands, and other areas for hidden Pokémon. 



Once found, battle mode begins, and you can scan your own Tretta collection to send your Pokémon into the 3-on-3 fights. Win and you'll get the chance to toss a Pokéball and possibly add a new Tretta to your roster.



Below you'll see the Tretta themselves, as well as a carrying case and Tretta Report Tomy plans to release after the game hits arcades. 



Ok, so who wants to go to Japan and start building their Tretta collection?


Via Siliconera

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